腾讯分分彩app下载腾讯分分彩app下载为学生提供了很多学习的机会. 腾讯分分彩app下载鼓励他们作为个人成长,腾讯分分彩app下载有强烈的社区意识. 腾讯分分彩app下载希望学生为了自己和他人的利益尽最大努力. Most importantly in a faith school, we believe that all of our lives are given and governed by God.


腾讯分分彩app下载是一所英国教会学校,建立在强烈的基督教原则之上. We believe in a world which is lovingly and purposefully made and that all people have God-given gifts to use wisely and well. At the school, we aim to create a positive ethic of appreciation for all that the world offers and gratitude for our human capacity to do and be good. 腾讯分分彩app下载将努力确保所有学生都遵循这一道德准则, 无论他们的信仰或背景如何.


  • 聪明地与世界打交道;
  • 明智地管理环境和个人才能;
  • 感恩地过着富有创造性的生活;
  • 培养个人对他人产生积极影响的能力

这些目标都包含在腾讯分分彩app下载礼仪中. 礼仪包括腾讯分分彩app下载有责任明智地使用腾讯分分彩app下载的礼物, welcome to visitors, 腾讯分分彩app下载对老师和同学的礼貌, 腾讯分分彩app下载在学校的举止以及腾讯分分彩app下载冷静和接受的能力. 腾讯分分彩app下载CofE高中 promotes silence during Tutor Time and lessons which accustoms students to prayerful reflectiveness and self-control.

腾讯分分彩app下载腾讯分分彩app下载希望灌输对学习的热爱. 课程内容广泛而均衡. The core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science provide a very secure foundation for progress. With each intake of new Year 7 students we aim to build immediately on their achievements at Key Stage 2. 数学、科学和语言在七年级开始,其他科目在八年级开始. 随着学生升学,他们的选择也越来越多样化. 现代外语系提供法语、德语和西班牙语. Able linguists are encouraged to take 2 languages as well as Latin from Year 8 onto GCSE level. The School offer a wide range of exchanges with international schools to develop the students linguistic skills. 所有学生都要学习信息通信、历史、地理、音乐、戏剧、体育、艺术和宗教教育. Religious Education GCSE is taken one year in advance of other subjects and our success rate in this subject is particularly high.

所有学生都有信息和通信技术课程,并使用计算机作为许多科目的学习工具. 一个完整的个人计划, 所有学生还必须遵守社会和健康教育和公民身份.

艺术在学校里很受重视. In Drama and Music students learn confidence in performance which enriches their ability to learn in all other subjects. 这所学校也因广泛的体育运动而享有盛誉. 体育课包括篮网球, Gymnastics, Dance, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Rugby and Athletics; with each sport entering teams into borough competitions.

The staff of the school love to see their students succeed and have high expectations that each will do well according to his or her abilities. 所有学生都遵循核心的GCSE英语课程, Maths, RE, ICT and Science, 但是从9年级开始,根据学生的能力,可以灵活选择课程. 一些学生选修化学、生物 & 物理作为独立的科学和加速双语课程是可用的. 在普通中等教育证书有一系列的课程,以适应每个学生的能力. Individual support is given to ensure that students receive the best advice on the most appropriate subject and exam choices available to them. Students may take up Media or Business Studies at the beginning of Year 10 or focus their energies on vocational areas such as Music Technology . 为更有能力的学生开设的速成课程在音乐课程的正常时间表之外, 舞蹈及传媒研究. 在11年级,学生参加为期一年的GCSE公民短期课程. 对于需要修改课程的学生,有许多支持选择.

The School places a high premium on achieving positive outcomes in formal exams and achieves. The majority of Twyford students stay on to the 6th Form where we are proud to offer a wide range of A-Levels and Vocational courses. Students may continue to follow courses in the same subject areas as they have taken at Key Stages 3 and 4. Or, they may like to start on a whole new subject from a very stimulating selection; Economics, Further Mathematics, Music Technology, Philosophy, Photography, Politics, Psychology, 计算机图形学或法律. Twyford is one of the first schools to have run a Diploma and Creative Media course which is the equivalent of 2 A Levels. This is an applied course which includes use of our industry standard Performance Centre and Radio Station as well as managing public performance at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith. In addition to these core courses the school expects 6th Form students to participate in a Baccalaureate style portfolio of wider activities. 这包括批判性思维课程, Community Service and two RE conferences per year which are a chance to engage with outside speakers on a spiritual or moral topic of particular relevance. There is also an established programme for the most able students targeted at preparing them for entry to Oxbridge and highly competitive courses in Russell Group Universities (Medicine, 兽医科学等).

Twyford is a comprehensive school and is very aware that its students have very different abilities. 腾讯分分彩app下载的目标是提供一个鼓励所有学生取得成就的学习环境.

Twyford Etiquette

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Travelling to School by car is discouraged and all visitors and pupils are requested to travel by more sustainable means. 学校场地白天不允许停车, 并限制放学后活动和会议的停车位.

The School is unable to provide parking for visitors during the school day and parking is limited for evening events and is not available on Open Evenings.

Twyford is in the London Borough of Ealing’s Controlled Parking Zone G which restricts parking between 9.00 – 10.00 and 15.00 -16.00 Monday – Friday.

A number of the roads near the school have designated free 30 min parking spaces these include Twyford Crescent, Hillcrest Road and Willcott Road and these should be used when picking up or dropping off pupils during the school day. Morrison’s supermarket entranced from Steyne Road provides 2 hours free parking after which a penalty is levied.


Public Transport

这所学校公共交通便利. 伦敦的交通线路开往下列车站, 所有这些地方都离学校很近:

TfL Routes


Ealing Common(皮卡迪利线和地区线),步行约10分钟


Acton Central (London Overground),步行约15分钟

Bus services (207, 607 and 440) stop outside the school and Acton High Street and Ealing Common (Uxbridge Road) are served by several routes, 这两个地点距离学校步行约10-15分钟.

National Rail

The nearest National Rail station is EALING BROADWAY (First Great Western services and also Heathrow Connect). 从车站走到学校大约需要30分钟, 或搭乘地区线到伊灵公园或207或427路公共汽车(从车站出发), 左转到大路, 公交车站在WH Smith外面的右边。.

Once again, there is NO PARKING available in the school grounds and very limited on street parking in the area.

伦敦交通局网站上有最新的地铁旅行信息, 地上网络和总线网络

café从早上8点到下午4点开放. 腾讯分分彩app下载有一个设备齐全的厨房,致力于为腾讯分分彩app下载的学生提供健康的饮食, staff and visitors. 在质量上没有妥协,腾讯分分彩app下载提供冷热食品和饮料的选择.

We believe that everyone will enjoy this café-style dining experience with its quick and cashless service. Parents need to register with ParentPay for students to be able to enjoy the cashless service.

请参阅以下腾讯分分彩app下载CofE高中菜单. 菜单以两周为周期运行,以确保有种类和选择.


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以下是Impact Food Group的信息:

Impact Food Group

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Twyford CofE High School kitchen received the top rating of 5 = very good from Ealing Council's Food Regulatory Services Officer the rating certificate is shown below.

Ealing Council has signed up to a new national food hygiene ratings scheme (in partnership with the Food Standards Agency). The scheme will give information about the hygiene standards in establishments where food is served. Please visit 伊林议会的网站 欲知详情.

Free School Meals

要了解有关注册免费校餐和其他信息,请参见 Free School Meals.